Aluminium salts, Sodium fluoride and your body


Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust and makes up about 8%. Bauxite is the main source of aluminium ore, but the aluminium is difficult to remove, it requires large amounts of electricity to accomplish this. The main byproduct is the highly toxic sodium fluoride, which is put in our water supply and toothpastes in the belief that it will enhance the strength of our teeth. Naturally occurring Calcium fluoride in small amounts in our food and water is the form that nature intended us to consume this essential element, not from an industrial waste product. pH in the mouth is potentially the most important factor in teeth health, teeth eating bacteria love it when the pH drops and sets up an acidic environment for them to thrive.

Keep in mind too that aluminium salts are an adjuvant(additive) in most if not all vaccines in order to setup an inflammatory response. Does that material find its safe way out of the body via bowel, urine or lymph/skin? Aluminium salts are also contained in a lot of antiperspirants and body deodorants.